SINCE 1923

Satemwa produces a wide range of Black, Green, Oolong, White and Dark teas. Some of the CTC teas end up in global brands around the world such as; PG tips, Lipton Yellow Label, Tetleys, 5 Roses and the list goes on.

We are very proud of our artisanal hand made range of teas which end up in such esteemed establishments as Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck

Built in 1937 the Satemwa Factory is known around the tea world as a producer of quality tea. The factory has seen many changes in technology over the years (link to our story about factory) but the consistent passion and care has led to Satemwa becoming a unique estate in Malawi. It is now the last remaining of the original founding tea estates that led to the creation of a successful tea industry in Malawi. The knowledge of the terrior and tea processing techniques that have been passed down the generations of both the Kay family and employees have led to distinctive and celebrated teas being created at Satemwa the like of which cannot be matched by any other estate in the region.

We never want to think that we have done enough, we want to continue to improve and experiment, keeping our minds open for new ideas. And that makes it so much more exciting to got to the "office".

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In 2007 Satema became the first Fairtrade registered tea estate in Malawi. This was followed by UTZ and Rainforest certifications soon after.