SINCE 1923

Our story

In the early 20s the young Scot Maclean Kay bought his first piece of land in Malawi from a tobacco farmer to grow TEA.

His son Robert who got his nickname Chip when an American lady laid her eyes on the baby boy and said with a strong accent "Oh...he really looks like a chip of the block".Chip took over from his dad and has not slowed down since. Now in his 80s he visits the factory several times a day (and night) and makes sure he learns something new about anything by 12:00 each day.

You will find his wife Dawn that was also born in Malawi in the sales office or if she is not there in the garden with a lot of dogs in tow.

Alexander "Alex" is their oldest son and he started varsity studying economics, but it didn't take very long before he realized, that was not what he wanted to do so quickly changed to Horticulture instead. Now he is in charge of most things that involve running Satemwa, including checking the accounts.

Farming is not an easy path with lots of ups and downs, a bit like the roads around us here. But we are all 100% passionate and committed about our farm that is our home, and there is defiantly a very stubborn streak in all the Kays (big and small).

We really do LOVE our Teas and Coffee and can't wait to share our passion with you!